Our Teams

(Bios, photos and calendars to come)

Team 1

  • Dan Hodul
  • Luena Pearson
  • Vickie Butler
  • Tracy Durland
  • Strawbale Bailey
  • Robin Burnside
  • Mauricio Gonzalez
  • Janna Kinkade
  • Ruth (Mina) Bennett
  • Virginia (Moonstone) Mazzetti
  • Diane Cox
  • Rhoda Jacobs
  • Greta Green
  • Mary Miller
  • Debra Parrish
  • Leslie Thomsen
  • Kit McSweeney
  • Caitrina Schoeller
  • Consulting Doctors: Dr. Bill Nation, Dr. Alejandra Pena
  • Bereavement Counselors: Dan Hodul, Robin Austin, Sharon Morris
  • Associated with Enfermeria de Guadalupe, Ricardo Zamora Orozco, Pescadero
  • Assessor: Luena Pearson

Team 2

  • Valma Brenton
  • Leslie Crane
  • Cathy Stewart
  • Jessica Tucker
  • Isabel Smyth
  • Lee Purser
  • Gail Guerrero
  • Christine Douglas
  • Bereavement Counselor: Gail Bosch

Team Bios (under construction)

Dan Hodul: Educated and Credentialed in Psychology, NeuroFeedback, Senior Activities, Adapted Yoga, Qi Gong for Seniors, Emergency Water Safety, CPR, & Meditation. Comfortable and familiar with altered states of consciousness.  Ph.D in Psychology, Parapsychology, Certified Activities Coordinator (ACA). Prefers not to clean bodily wastes. Not a full time resident

Mary Miller: Former Supervisor/Trainer in Housekeeping and Certified Massage at Esalen Institute. Caterer. Does not speak Spanish. Resides in Pescadero November-March/April.

Mauricio Gonzalez Zuniga: Filmmaker/Journalist, BA degree. Fluent Spanish and some English. No peri-care. Full time resident.

Rhoda Jacobs: Speech/Language Pathologist, Certification in Clinical Competency, Certified Teacher of the Arica Institute, Inc., Senior Teacher of the School of Tai Chi Chuan, Inc.  Not willing to bathe patients or change diapers, or travel to Cabo or La Paz. Full time resident.

Greta Green: Registered Nurse/Neuro, Certified Nurse Assistant Instructor. Willing to teach peri-care to others, among other practices. Part time Resident December-May.

Deborah Parrish: Retired Educational Professional, PreSchool Teacher and Parent Educator. Advanced Degree in Educational Research and Evaluation, mostly early Childhood Education and Program Quality Improvement. Willing to do typical RN Aide tasks, but no wound care, toileting or bathing. Part time Resident November-May/June

Janna Kinkade: Artist, Cook, and Good Listener. Comfortable just sitting. Experienced Hospice volunteer. No heavy lifting. Full time Resident.

Straw Bale Bailey: Experienced Teacher of Spanish (MA Degree), History, and Music. Published Author in English and Spanish. Diploma in Medical BioMagnetism from Universidad de Chapingo, Mexico. No heavy lifting or Peri care. Full time Resident

Virginia (Moonstone) Mazzetti: Long time Organic Farmer (Perma Culture), Modern Dance and Emotional Movement, Degree in Rural Mental Health, experienced Geriatric Care. No heavy lifting or bending, or overnight  stays. Full time Resident

Leslie Thomsen: Experience in helping patients transition. Part time Resident

Ricardo Zamara Orozco: Complete Nursing Services….I.V. Therapy, Glucose Check, Wound Suture and Care, Stitches Removal, Physical Therapy, Oxygen Rental, Injections, Nebulizer Therapy, Blood Pressure. Full time Resident, Pescadero.