NEW! Wisdom Sharing Zoomer! Sunday, Aug.9th 3pm MST

From Wendy:

CC&A is happy to announce a new experience for us…Wisdom Sharing. I’m inviting you to a Zoom meeting on Sunday, August 9th, at 3pm MST, for our first Wisdom Sharing get together. The topic we will be discussing is, “Being With Ourselves”.

In this time of Pandemic and what I refer to as the “Virus Crisis Chaos”, I’m sure I am not alone in thinking about how important connection is and how much we haven’t been connecting….some a bit, some not at all. Well, it’s time!
Doesn’t look like things will lighten up much for a while, so I am hoping many of you will welcome the opportunity to connect with others in our group to share how you’ve been doing through all this.
I have some questions that will stimulate your thoughts on Sunday, and you can, of course, choose to actively participate, or just quietly attend.

I do need to get an idea of how many of you are interested to properly prepare the Zoom arrangements. If you do not have access to a computer or cel phone to join the meeting, try to make arrangements to join up with someone who does.
Sunday morning I will be sending the link for you to click on to join the meeting.  We would love to see your face, so I hope you will opt to be on camera, but no pressure. What’s most important is to feel your presence.
Let me know if you’re “in”!

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