Bereavement Counseling (free service)

Bereavement Counseling (free service)

Comfort Care & Assistance’s caregivers are there for emotional support throughout the end days of their patient’s and family’s time left together. They play a significant role reassuring, comforting, and holding hands and keeping everyone calm while a loved one is dying. It is so helpful at this stage when there is someone to talk to who can help put their life in a meaningful perspective.  Every case is different as far as how and when the end occurs, though, and none of us can really be prepared for that moment. People run the gamut of emotions…relief, guilt, pain, gratitude, etc. Bringing in a person experienced in bereavement can be a godsend to help the family work through whatever comes up for them. Whether it’s just a conversation about the meaning of the patient’s life, or to reflect on painful and wonderful moments of the person’s life. We currently have three Grief Counselors available to be there for you. Every death requires a transition to life without them. And it can be very overwhelming to handle all that has to be dealt with immediately afterwards. Bereavement Counseling is a wonderful help at this time.

*If you are grieving please do not hesitate to call for help. We have experienced bereavement counselors who can really help you through the pain and loss. Reach out to


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