Need Assistance?

Comfort Care & Assistance is structured to make it as easy as possible when you or a friend, relative, or loved one needs some help. The first step after contacting us is for an Assessment team member(s) to go to the home or facility to determine what the needs are. They then contact the appropriate Chair of each division to help select who is available for those specific needs. We are divided into 5 different divisions and teams, according to our specialists and your specific needs.
They are:

  1. Medical: Assessment, Doctors & Nurses, Bathing & Toileting, Equipment, Allergies, and Emergencies.
  2. Comfort Care: Respite for family members, Sitting, Reading. A Comfort Care Package might also include Shopping, Food/Cooking, Cleaning, Laundry, Driving, Childcare, Pet Care, Massage.
  3. Bereavement/Grief Counseling, Death Follow Up: Besides comforting those who have lost a loved one, and helping to arrange appropriate spiritual counseling/clergy, we also help you compile the necessary documents to have on hand, and walk you through the legal process of reporting a death in Mexico. We can also help with burial and/or cremation arrangements.
  4. Outreach and Education: Trainings, Round Table Discussion group, Volunteer Book Club, Film Screenings, Volunteer Recruitment, Social Media (Announcement of Events, Fundraising, Blogging in our Comfort Care Corner)
  5. Team Support: For all of the above! Debriefs after each care-giving experience, Therapeutic and Work Directed Counselling, Sensitivity and Energetic Training.