Hospice Care (free service)

To officially qualify for in home Hospice Care, the patient and family must either know that all that can possibly be done for the patient has been done, or the patient has chosen to forego treatment because the side effects outweigh the benefits.  It’s customary that two doctors must consider the patient terminal, within 6 months of dying. End of Life care entails administering medications, day to day care, handling equipment, and supporting the family.  Sometimes two hospice caregivers are required if 24 hour vigilance is necessary. A primary care physician oversees the caregiver’s responsibilities and closely monitors everything. If the caregiver is not a nurse, sometimes a nurse will also be on hand at times for certain tasks. We can also arrange for nurses. A hospice caregiver is there to support everyone involved. As mentioned above, depending on if you have private  insurance, or Medicare or Medicaid hospice benefits, some hospice services and medications are totally paid for.  (You must check with your insurer if living in Mexico impacts your coverage in any way). Our volunteers offer their time for end of life care at no charge to the patient or family. The focus is the patient’s comfort, not on life prolonging practices or treatments.  Our volunteers help the patient to get the most out of the time they have left, concentrating on the emotional, spiritual, and practical issues of dying.

*As a family member caring for your loved one, Comfort Care invites you to join our Care Giver Support group. Contact wendy@comfortcare.mx for our next meeting.