Palliative Care

Palliative Care is very similar to Hospice Care, to make the patient with a serious illness feel better…the difference being it is usually arranged for care in a facility as opposed to in your home. Unlike Hospice, though, there are no time restrictions, and some insurance policies do cover it. One difference between the two is that to be eligible for Hospice care you must be considered terminal or within 6 months of death, especially if you are to receive Hospice insurance benefits. As an Expat in Mexico, though, you should check with your insurance provider. Anyone at any age can receive Palliative Care if they want and need comfort at any stage of a disease, whether terminal or chronic. Even though the focus is pain and symptom relief, Palliative care can also include physical therapy, nutritional guidance and family counseling. It remains an issue, though, that in Mexico it is not easy to obtain certain drugs to be administered outside of a hospital, even for Hospice purposes. Plans are underway, though, to make it easier for physicians to obtain the necessary drugs, and for pharmacies outside of capital cities to fill the prescriptions.

Our Comfort Care team members are trained to help in various ways when needed….such as post surgery assistance, driving to doctors appointments or to help with meals, errands and pet care.

*Please note that Comfort Care will do its best to select the right person for your situation. Hospice care is a free volunteer service,  but for palliative care it is up to the individual team member and the party in need to make their own arrangements as to whether this would be a volunteer service or at a small hourly rate.