Comfort Care & Assistance Services

Providing support for individuals and their families in Todos Santos and surrounding areas.
Whether needing assistance post surgery or facing life threatening illness, death, or bereavement….we are here to help you. Although death may be a time of sadness and separation, it is part of all of our lives’ journeys and can be faced with dignity and serenity.

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    Comfort Care

    Our volunteers are trained to comfort and support families through this challenging transition, no charge. Senior Assistance & Post Surgery help are based on an hourly rate agreed upon between parties

    • Senior Assistance
    • Post Surgery Support
    • Bereavement Counselling
    • More!
    Comfort Care has partnered with Scrapbook Films to provide Personal Legacy Documentaries. These short films are beautifully produced and aim to act as a legacy will. Our clients can articulate their final wishes, share their valued memories and maintain agency over their life story, as they approach their transition. 
    Please send us a quick note if you think you or someone you love may be interested in creating a beautiful personal documentary!