We Can Help:

  • Various Workshops and Speakers Calendar of events TBD as they are available.
  • (training in both Spanish and English for volunteers and family caregivers)
  • Neighbor to Neighbor: Foundation Level Care
  • Doula Training (Free)

Volunteer Activities:

  • Book Club
  • Comfort Care Choir

Other Resources:

  • Equipment Supply
  • Medical Supplies
  • Hospital information
  • Ambulance
  • Local Comfort Care Directory of Professionals
  • Other Holistic Services

Todos Santos Comfort Singers

As the name implies, Todos Santos Comfort Singers (TSCS) is a group of singers whose purpose is to offer comforting support to people facing life’s transitions.  Whether approaching end of life, celebrating a new birth, facing a major illness or life struggle, our songs carry messages of love, strength, healing, peace and joy.

Through unaccompanied voice, we offer the compassionate presence that music so uniquely provides.

As a group of 3-4 singers, using soft, lullaby voices, we blend in unison and harmony, providing comfort in short sessions that convey gentle blessings for rest and calm, or a more upbeat tone and selection of songs for celebratory occasions.

TSCS are all volunteers. Our service is our gift; there is no charge.

Our group began in 2019 when Tracy Durland, a singer, teacher and long-time resident of Todos Santos, was inspired to introduce this type of musical offering to the community.  Responding to her invitation, she was joined by two other singers, Arlene Eige and Phyllis Brzozowska. The lockdowns and restrictions of Covid 19, in the Spring of 2020, slowed the process of recruiting new members.  Now, with the protocols easing, we will be ready in November, to offer our service to anyone wanting to receive support and care in this unique way, as well as to expand our singer membership.

If you are drawn to this work, nourished by music and wishing to be of service, you have some of the core qualities for becoming an integral part of our group.  In addition to that, we seek singers who can carry a tune, hold a part and share our vision of offering kindness through song.