It takes a very special person to want to be a caregiver at the end of someone’s life. You either know in your heart you can and want to do it or you don’t. It is not easy to witness someone and their family facing a life threatening illness, death, and bereavement.  Yes, we all die…and most of us know that life is a precious and fragile journey that inevitably comes to an end. Caregiving at this stage of life can help to make it a time of dignity, serenity, and even hope.

That said, besides the physical training volunteers receive, the qualities we look for in our volunteers include compassion, gentleness, good listeners and the willingness to help people live as fully as possible until the end. It can be a spiritual experience for all involved.

Things To Consider


Each volunteer must go through our customized training. You will learn about 1) designing a program for the patient’s personal choices for end of life intakes {food, liquids, sensory, medications, etc.}, 2) important points of personal care (bathing, dressing, moving, mouth care, fall prevention, preventing aspiration, symptom management, 3) relating to the patient’s family, 4) communication with and documentation for physicians, 5) communication with pharmacies, and 6) communicating with spiritual counselors and available bereavement services.

If you would like to join us in these journeys, we welcome you to contact wendy@ComfortCare.mx to discuss the possibilities.

Legal Aspects

Comfort Care & Assistance is a group of volunteers coming together as friends helping friends in time of need. We are not a for profit business. The consensus view is that part-time volunteering is OK to do without a permit, but if you are a full-time volunteer (even without pay) then that counts as work, and therefore Mexico requires a visa.  As of 2012, to apply for an FMM non-immigrante visa (formerly called an FM3) you have to apply at a Mexican consulate outside of Mexico. For more information the official website is: sre.gob.mx/reinounido/index.php/visas/103. For up to date information on visa requirements, you can also check with the Embassy or Consulate of Mexico. 

If you are already a permanent resident with a work permit, please make sure your permit includes volunteering for non profit causes.

If you decide to offer your services for post surgery assistance or senior assistance, those hourly arrangements are made between you and the patient, and you are responsible for your work permit and reporting your income to Hacienda.

If you would like to join us in these journeys, we welcome you to contact wendy@ComfortCare.mx to discuss the possibilities.