Movie Mondays!

Movie Mondays!

Comfort Care just launched its’ Movie Mondays Under The Stars series featuring the Solace training films created by Camille Adair. We screened a double feature for our first evening, “Humanizing Health Care…a Hospice & Palliative Perspective”, and ” Living Into Dying”. Come around 6;30pm to Gallo Azul to order food and drinks…films start at 7:30


The upcoming schedule is:

April 23rd: “Softening Into Surrender” and “Truth In Compassion”

May 7th: “The Natural Process of Dying” and “Orbitus:The Experience of Grief”

May 21st: “Embracing The Shadow: The Wounded Healer Archetype”, and “Self Care For Best Care”

June 4th: “People Of The Shoreline” and “Science, Spirituality, & Healing In The New Paradigm”


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